No. 02 – 2011

No. 02

Second project, finished summer 2011.

  • body: alder
  • neck: maple (3 pieces)
  • fretboard: flamed ebony
  • design: inspired by ergonomic guitars, considering my playing positions and my own ergonomic
  • scale: multiscale 720mm – 800mm. the last 2 frets of the standard string are cut off
  • pickups: selfmade single coils. low impedance, 500 rounds. two singlecoils are set in a bridge humbucker position, one singlecoil in neck position
  • hardware: ABM single string tunder bridges (from No. 01)

 Headpieces with extended strings and stringretainers for toolless string change.


  • guitar shape
  • string retainers
  • homemade pickups
  • active tone cicuit (state variable filter)
  • extended low strings